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Is your organization expanding into Europe?

Europe offers big opportunities for enterprises and service providers looking to accelerate growth. It offers some of the world's largest economies, as well as a wide variety of markets and industries to target. Its proximity to growth areas such as Africa also makes Europe an ideal gateway to other global markets.

However, enterprises and service providers looking to expand in new markets have much to consider. Success no longer revolves around simply building operations and traditional business infrastructure.

To succeed with business expansion in Europe, it's important to plan carefully for a data-first global expansion. That means ensuring you have the right data architecture and managing the increasing volume and distribution of data in a plethora of legislative regulatory environments such as data sovereignty and data privacy.

In this e-book, we reveal how to overcome these issues and expand into Europe by:

  • Planning carefully for a data-first expansion to ensure you have a scalable data architecture for future needs
  • Choosing the right Centers of Data Exchange for your business and technology needs
  • Working with a well-established data center partner with a global footprint and rich connected data communities to help you through the challenges.
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