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The global Industrie 4.0 market is growing to $165.5 billion by 20261. Smart factories are having to serve an increasing number of users and maintain endpoints that are creating and exchanging data. Meanwhile the current backhaul architecture can’t address these Smart Manufacturing needs, including data exchange across multiple internal and external platforms with the ability to run performant analytics across each global point of presence.

이것이 스마트 공장에 어떤 영향을 미칠까요?

5 Principles to Navigate the Industrie 4.0 Journey Toward a Digital Society, a Gartner® report, highlights the recommendations that Manufacturing leaders should align with to drive digital transformation and innovation.

Authored by Bettina Tratz-Ryan, VP Analyst, Gartner, Simon Jacobson, VP Analyst, Gartner, and 2 more.

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