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데이터 익스체인지 PDx™ 솔루션 제작 툴키트의 최적화


A McKinsey & Company report found that 85% of surveyed senior supply-chain executives1 struggled with inefficient digital technologies in their supply chains. Leveraging digital technologies are how Manufacturing can change how they create and deliver value to their customers, but this needs to be considered when building out their data infrastructure.

This is forcing a new architecture that needs to be designed for:

  • Enhancing data exchanges across multiple internal/external platforms
  • Running performant analytics across each global point of presence
  • Bringing users, networks, and clouds to privately hosted Manufacturing data

Optimizing Manufacturing data exchange requires a data-centric infrastructure architecture that’s designed to solve for Data Gravity2, secure data near the customer, and enforce data compliance while also being designed for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Developed by expert solutions architects, our Optimizing Manufacturing Data Exchange PDx™ Solution Toolkit includes:

  1. 퍼베이시브 데이터센터 아키텍처(PDx™) 솔루션 보고서
    Orients audience with industry-specific use cases relative to PlatformDIGITAL®
  2. 퍼베이시브 데이터센터 아키텍처(PDx™) 청사진
    Target State 아키텍처를 달성하기 위한 3단계 통합 및 호스팅 솔루션 공정
  3. 퍼베이시브 데이터 센터 아키텍처(PDx™) 설계 가이드
    실제 가치 영향을 보여주는 방법론을 계획, 식별, 매핑, 배포

1 Alicke, K., Gupta, R., & Trautwein, V. (2020, October 20). Resetting supply chains for the next normal. McKinsey & Company. Retrieved from mckinsey.com

2 Digital Realty. (n.d.). (rep.). Data Gravity Index DGx.

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