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ServiceFabric™을 통해 데이터 교환 센터 연결

As data is becoming critical to the business agenda, Enterprises and Service Providers are undergoing significant infrastructure changes to address the increasing complexity and volume of data. Digital Realty is leading this Hybrid IT transformation with ServiceFabric, an interconnectivity solution and orchestration platform designed to support the wider industry shift to data-centric architecture. The ServiceFabric product family provides a range of seamless, on-demand services that can be integrated into existing IT systems of management to manage and monitor infrastructure.

ServiceFabric product lines include:

  • ServiceFabric™ 커넥트
  • ServiceFabric™ Compose*

Learn more about the ServiceFabric product family, and how each product will serve your data journey.

Interconnect workflows seamlessly with ServiceFabric Connect

ServiceFabric Connect is the industry’s largest open fabric-of-fabrics, designed to support customers as they transition to a more data-centric architecture. ServiceFabric Connect is pre-engineered into PlatformDIGITAL® hubs and provides software-defined interconnection on a single user interface. ServiceFabric Connect prioritizes cost-effectiveness and speed to market, without compromising on performance or latency.

* Under development, roadmap subject to change. Content regarding ServiceFabric Compose includes forward-looking statements.

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