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Optimize Manufacturing Data Exchange to plan for supply chain disruptions, expanding operations or markets, and joint ventures

Data is the heart of your global operation

Through 2024, global 2000 (defined by Forbes’ annual ranking of the world’s 2000 largest public companies) Manufacturers will face an acceleration of Data Gravity intensity which is expected to increase by a compound annual growth rate of 144% globally1.

This explosion in data growth is coming from the need to participate in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), to compete with direct-to-consumer services, and to design for supply chain transparency. All these applications result in an increase in the number of data sources participating in the Manufacturing Data Exchanges.

To solve for Data Gravity, the IIoT ecosystem must operate ubiquitously and on-demand. And real-time intelligence will be used to change how Manufacturing companies create and deliver value to best serve customers, partners, and employees across channels at multiple points of business presence.

How We Enable Manufacturing Centers of Data Exchange

  • Secure, compliant data centers across 50+ metros

  • 전 세계의 고성능 네트워크

  • 100% renewable coverage for US colocation and European portfolios

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    Manufacturing Realize Sustainable Growth

    Realize Sustainable Growth

    Concerns regarding climate change and its impact on the environment continue to push Manufacturers to create sustainable solutions. Digital Realty has supported customer priorities by achieving 100% renewable coverage for its US colocation and European portfolios. An independent evaluation process of best practices criteria by Frost & Sullivan recognized Digital Realty as 2021 North America Data Center Services Company of the Year2.

    Manufactoring Put your manufact data to work

    Put Your Manufacturing Data to Work

    Data exchange across multiple internal and external platforms can’t be achieved with current backhaul IT architecture. To solve for these needs, the infrastructure must integrate core, cloud, and edge at centers of data exchange. This involves implementing a secure data-centric architecture at these points to work between supply chain, plants, and partners.

    Manufacturing Let your data collaborate

    Let Your Data Collaborate Like it’s a Part of Your Team

    The IIoT in Manufacturing requires a connected data community approach. It’s important to consider cloud and content providers when adding new markets, evolving on-ramps, and building hybrid offerings. At the other end, there is a focus to meet the users or devices at their points of presence through connectivity providers. And in the middle, where the center for data exchange occurs, will be a neutral and secure meeting place connecting these connected data communities.

    Manufacturing future Proof

    Future Proof Your Manufacturing Enterprise Data

    Digital Realty’s coverage, connectivity, capacity, and control enables you to pivot quickly while designing long-term strategies to serve your teams. Our platform is designed to solve for Data Gravity, secure data near the customer, enforce data compliance, and design for the IIoT.

    Developed by expert Solutions Architects, the Optimizing Manufacturing Data Exchange PDx™ Solution Toolkit includes:

    퍼베이시브 데이터센터 아키텍처(PDx™) 솔루션 보고서
    데이터 기반 디지털 혁신을 위한 체계화된 전략 및 솔루션 방식

    퍼베이시브 데이터센터 아키텍처(PDx™) 청사진
    Target State 아키텍처를 달성하기 위한 3단계 통합 및 호스팅 솔루션 공정

    퍼베이시브 데이터 센터 아키텍처(PDx™) 설계 가이드
    실제 가치 영향을 보여주는 방법론을 계획, 식별, 매핑, 배포

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