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Webinar: Maintaining Organizational Trust in Your IT: Is Your Data Ready for a Disaster?

Don Schuett, VP of Commercial Management
8월 24, 2016

Is your organization’s IT infrastructure prepared for a disaster? From natural catastrophes like earthquakes and floods to a spectrum of human errors and external threats, disaster can strike an organization’s IT infrastructure in a variety of ways. In this new webinar from Digital Realty and 451 Research, you’ll hear from experts on the current state of the data center and colocation industry, as well as some predictions for the future.

For many organizations, the deluge of data they are dealing with represents a major tipping point. They are now faced with either finding a data center solution that can help them make sense of the data and glean competitive advantages from it, or risk falling behind to competitors who do.

At the same time, a data management solution that makes it easy for an organization to gain valuable insights is less than ideal if it does not represent the most secure disaster recovery solutions available. As an organization, you can’t avoid being the victim of circumstance. You can only prepare for those possibilities as best you can.

During the recent webinar, “Maintaining Organization Trust in IT: Is Your Data Ready for a Disaster?” Dan Thompson, Senior Analyst for Multi-Tenant Data Centers at 451 Research, and John Freimuth, GM of Cloud Services at Digital Realty, explored many of the topics currently giving IT executives and employees sleepless nights. They also answered related questions from webinar participants.

When you watch this webinar, you’ll learn:

• What kind of role the data center can (and should) play in your organization’s data planning

• How cloud services have changed the way organizations view Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

• What latency is and why it is so critical

• How colocation can become a major asset in Disaster Recovery (DR)

So, what’s the worst case scenario for your business? How much would an hour of downtime cost you? How many customers’ lives would be negatively impacted? View the webinar and learn more.

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