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Silicon Valley Connected Campus Set for Expansion

Jessica Smith
11월 30, 2017

As you may have heard, Digital Realty is set to expand its Connected Campus in Silicon Valley. In addition to our existing Santa Clara facilities, this new data center - located at 3205 Alfred Street in Santa Clara, CA - will provide an additional 6 MW of power available to a mix of wholesale and retail colocation customers. This facility will add to our existing 17 facilities, 2 million square feet, and 99 MW of power in the area. It is expected to come online in early 2018.

With the majority of our properties in Silicon Valley fully leased, 3205 Alfred will bring much-needed capacity to an area that is one of the world’s great tech and innovation hubs. This added capacity helps us achieve our goal of reducing complexity and accelerating business growth for our customers by meeting their needs for space, power, and connectivity. Perhaps no region is more in need of premium interconnection and colocation services as Silicon Valley is home to more than 4,500 companies.

Last month, we hosted our Sneak Peek event that offered a preview of our 3205 Alfred Street facility before its official opening. It was a great chance to bring together some of our Silicon Valley community and network over drinks from local microbreweries while enjoying Virtual Reality and live music. Check out some photos from that event below. And if you’d like to stay in the know and receive updates for our official Grand Opening event, send us an email.

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