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Expanded Global Operations Command Center

Erich Sanchack, EVP, Operations
10월 18, 2018

Industry-Leading Resiliency and Customer Care Initiatives

On October 3, 2018 we launched our new, state-of-the-art Global Operations Command Center (GOCC) in Clifton, NJ. To celebrate, we gathered with our local teams for a Grand Opening ceremony. And what opening is official without a ribbon cutting?

The facility provides 24/7/365 communication among 195+ Digital Realty global data center properties and customers worldwide, enabling new levels of centralized network monitoring, product support, event management, infrastructure monitoring and security. This builds on our world-class service, user experience and operational excellence that includes 11 consecutive years of 5 nines (99.999%) uptime, with our industry-leading physical resiliency at the core.

At more than 1,200-square feet with a full-time staff, the center provides:

  • Centralized incident management and escalation including consistent, portfolio-wide messaging, as well as proprietary communications coordination and standardization for major events or escalated threat conditions.
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of portfolio-wide data center status
  • High-performance analytics tools for measurable service assurance to avoid performance degradation and bandwidth bottlenecks
  • Ability to predict outages and disruptions, and make remedial decisions quickly and intelligently
  • Real-time weather and threat monitoring via third-party monitoring bureau
  • Critical resource mobilization for site event support (engineers, temporary generators, fuel tracking)
  • Recurring wellness checks with sites during extended threat or severe weather events
  • Round-the-clock network connectivity systems monitoring and support

The reliability, efficiency, security and continual evolution inherent to Digital Realty’s Global Operations Command Center is essential to some of the biggest names in technology, financial services, healthcare, and other industries to house their business-critical applications and information and keep important data up and running. It also drives many of the cost efficiencies and IT resources associated with our colocation, scale and Connected Campus solutions for enterprise customers. It helps to thwart any interruptions in data center operations, at the center of many of our customers’ IT strategies.

High-performance analytics tools used in the Global Operations Command Center ensure network service assurance is measurable, and that degradation of bottlenecks can be avoided by tracking network availability, performance and inter-site connectivity. As different industries and enterprises begin to migrate critical applications to the cloud, our Global Operations Command Center helps to maintain consistent uptime and 24/7 security to meet growing demand. It is also seamlessly linked to our many managed service partners, who offer a full range of IT services, including monitoring, maintenance, help desk, ticketing, remote hands, disaster recovery and more.

For international customers, the biggest plus to a centralized global command center is standardization of communications and processes for data collection. This includes data sovereignty and the flow of info across borders as well as the ability to identify threats and act on them before they result in business damage or loss.

I look forward to the enhanced level of service, security, reliability, and trust we’ll be able to deliver to you moving forward with our new global command center. This is another step forward towards our mission of providing you the trusted foundation for the digital world.

Check out more photos from our launch event.

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