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In the Mix: Combining Forces for Comprehensive Customer Solutions

Jennifer Sauer
10월 1, 2012

As many large-scale telecommunications and broadband companies acquire mid-size Cloud computing and managed hosting specialists, the landscape is changing for both Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Enterprise customers. The need for Cloud service providers is consistently growing, along with interest by business in using managed services in order to operate more affordably. What impact do these acquisitions have on the broader industry?

Currently, CIOs and other IT industry players are moving to Cloud in record numbers in an effort to streamline IT operations and reduce costs. This shift has many benefits and also comes with quite a few challenges. There are many players that want to help small to large businesses save money and enhance efficiency by outsourcing their IT needs. The optimum solution varies for each company. Assessing the solution providers to find the best fit can be daunting. These recent acquisitions offer telecom providers and MSPs great opportunities to gain market share as well as create, develop and refine the technologies that will be required to keep up with industry growth.

A benefit to consolidation is MSPs ability to offer a more comprehensive suite of cloud solutions to its clients. For example, in late 2011, Wyse Technology, a provider of Cloud client computing, acquired Trellia, a specialist in cloud-based mobile infrastructure management. This allowed Wyse to offer a suite of Cloud-based mobile security, device, application and expense management software solutions to its clients. Trellia was focused on helping organizations speed deployment of Cloud-based client computing. In April, 2012, Dell acquired Wyse to enhance its desktop virtualization offerings. This is an example of how useful technologies developed by small companies can go on to be utilized by extremely large audiences. Acquisitions help provide the resources for fledgling technologies to thrive.

Acquisitions are also necessary to help provide global scalability for connectivity, managed hosting and Cloud solution providers. For companies looking to expand overseas, it is important that they find partners with the global footprint to handle their needs.

Telx is one company that brings telecom industry companies together. Through its Telx Connect Marketplace, the company provides a customized service for Telx customers to facilitate commerce and foster the development of new business relationships across a variety of industry sectors. The online marketplace serves as a one-stop shop for Telx customers to explore partnership opportunities, discover the significance of geographic connections, as well as buy and sell services within Telx’s vast ecosystem of global network providers, telecommunication, cloud computing, financial services, media, social networking, and Enterprise companies.

The Telx Connect Marketplace enables businesses to discover technologies that complement their own service offerings. By using Telx Connect, companies can find partners that round out their product suites and provide their clients with much needed services and solutions. Strong business partnerships offer a way for Enterprises to gain the services they lack in order to appease growing customer demand. Telx Connect Marketplace offers a great way to connect with these potential business partners.

To learn more about the Telx Connect Marketplace and other services, visit www.telx.com or follow Telx on Twitter @Telx_Group.

About Telx
Telx is a leading provider of interconnection and data center services in strategic, high-demand North American markets. With 17 premier C3 Cloud Connection Centers by Telx SM, Telx increases speed to market and reduces connectivity costs by providing direct connections to a community of the industry’s highest performance networks and access to 1,000+ customers, including leading telecommunications carriers, ISPs, cloud providers, content providers and enterprises. Telx is a privately held company headquartered in New York City with five facilities in the New York Metro area, two facilities in Chicago, two facilities in Dallas, four facilities in California, (Los Angeles, San Francisco, and two in Santa Clara) and facilities in Atlanta, Miami, Phoenix and Charlotte, N.C. For more information about Telx, visit http://www.telx.com. Become a fan of Telx on Facebook.

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