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Earning Customer Confidence: Digital Realty and Transbeam

Patrick Tedaldi, Account Executive
8월 25, 2016

Digital Realty is among the industry’s best at earning customer confidence, and then building on it to form true and effective partnerships. Below is a summary of a case study detailing the relationship between Digital Realty and managed services provider Transbeam.

Who: Transbeam is a managed services provider founded in 1996. It provides an array of voice, cloud, data, and professional IT services to businesses nationwide. With a state-of-the-art MPLS/VPLS fiber core network, it offers data and voice services for any size and location. Transbeam is differentiated in part by its custom network designs and installations, especially for multi-location networks

What: In 2012, Transbeam began looking for a new colocation and data center provider in New York City, with plans to quickly expand to other key areas of the country.

Why: To expand the offerings available to current clients, as well as open the door to new business in other markets.

The Solution: Due to its access to a high volume of carriers and direct connections to major cloud providers, Transbeam chose Digital Realty’s 60 Hudson facility in NYC.

This initial migration was only the beginning of what has proven to be a fruitful relationship between the two companies. Since Transbeam’s initial migration into 60 Hudson, it has added four additional Digital Realty locations around the country, bringing its total number of deployments to five.

During these migrations, Digital Realty’s teams helped Transbeam meet tight deadlines, troubleshoot unexpected problems, and handle large migrations with ease, earning trust and praise in the process.

Transbeam’s Director of Network Engineering Brian Murray said, “It’s not just about price, I want a partner that will deliver time and time again, and Digital Realty has done that for me on a number of occasions.”

Tools like MarketplacePORTAL make the decision to colocate with Digital Realty all the more reassuring. It is a one-of-a-kind, responsive and intuitive tool that makes managing every aspect of your ecosystem clear and easy, from wherever you are on mobile or desktop.

Earning customer trust and confidence over the long-term is not always easy in an industry that changes so rapidly. But, Digital Realty has shown that earning trust and building customer relationships is one of its highest priorities.

There’s more to know about the relationship between Digital Realty and Transbeam! Click here to read the case study in its entirety.

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