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Don’t Forget the ‘Realty’ in Digital Realty

Lee Coleman, VP, Real Estate
12월 12, 2016

Casual observers may not realize that Digital Realty is not just the world's largest full scale data center provider, it is also a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).

Recently, REIT.com published an article detailing Digital Realty’s history, our present, and how our experience in real estate plays a valuable part in the way our company functions and the ways it benefits our customers and shareholders. Continue on to discover more about Digital Realty and REITs.

Though our primary focus today is the colocation and data center needs of our clients, our roots as a company are in real estate investment and expanding our global footprint remains a focus. Our leadership decided early on to focus on data center properties, recognizing that data centers host all manner of social, and not just business, data.

Our recently expanded portfolio and the rising demand for colocation services is a great match. Digital Realty acquired Telx in 2015 and since then the occupancy rates of our facilities have consistently been over 90%. While more and more businesses are finding the need for some form of data center or colocation services, a similarly large portion of businesses are finding how unreasonable it is for them to build and manage these facilities on their own. We are thrilled to be the data center and colocation solution for so many of the world’s top companies.

Even beyond business, it is now undeniable that the cloud fuels our daily lives, from critical business and governmental functions, on down to the mundane and frivolous. From apps that collect real-time information about the weather and deliver it to your screen to ones that let you take photos of your lunch and share them for all to see, cloud storage is now inseparable from nearly all aspects of our daily lives.

Regardless of what function you need to fulfill, our record of ‘five nines’ means we have a proven track record of reliability in our data center suites. In the data center and colocation industry, ‘five nines’ means 99.999% uptime, and in this case is in reference to the period of 2007-2015. In the industry, five nines is considered exceptionally reliable. It is something that our tenants take confidence in and something we are very proud of, as well.

For most businesses today, providing your own data center services, storage, and management is simply out of the question. The resources and the expertise just aren’t there. And once you put down digital roots in a data center, it’s not the easiest thing to migrate to a new one whenever you may feel like it. At Digital Realty, we are proud to put our expertise in real estate and expanding global footprint to work for our clients’ benefit. To learn more about the ‘realty’ in Digital Realty, read the full article from REIT Magazine.

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