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Forrester Total Economic Impact™

October 15, 2018

Digital Realty Brings 96% ROI with Colocation

Sentinel Technologies was experiencing one of the most desirable problems a business can face: rapid growth. With its CloudSelect® service, Sentinel had proven itself to be a full-service integrator capable of customizing and scaling IT-as-a-Service solutions tailored to the ever-changing needs of its customers. They needed a data center solution could keep up with the growing needs of their customers.

That’s when Sentinel turned to Digital Realty and its secure, flexible, and scalable colocation solutions. By employing Digital Realty’s colocation solutions, the company was able to better keep up with the growing demand for its services as well as produce significant returns and reduce their costs in the process. With the use of Digital Realty’s colocation services, Sentinel has found greater control over data center deployments, the ability to grow and scale those deployments on a global level, and more.

In order to quantify the impact that Digital Realty’s colocation services have made on Sentinel’s business, Digital Realty commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study. The study includes detailed information and hard numbers on how utilizing Digital Realty’s colocation services enabled Sentinel to reap 96% ROI on its investment, describes a number of additional unquantified benefits, and outlines the specific costs Sentinel experienced during the project.

This TEI study is intended to help give business leaders a framework with which to evaluate the potential impact that colocation solutions can make on their business. If the capabilities of your data operations aren’t keeping pace with the growth of your customer demand, take a deep dive into Forrester’s research on Sentinel Technologies’ use of Digital Realty’s colocation solutions and find out how our colocation solutions can help you meet your greatest challenges. Get the full report.

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